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Cutting shoes

Cutting Shoes

These shoes used to be referred to as my kitty shoes but when my belly got big they got a name change.

Slowly but surely as my belly expanded my reach across the cutting tables at work decreased, at which point my boss suggested wearing these shoes. We used to joke I needed them in the store to reach the top racks easier but my 4″ heels also worked, and looked better. While working in the studio I ended up wearing them whenever I had to cut something. ┬áThe extra 4″ made all the difference, only thing I had to now watch for was the belly trapping fabric underneath it. They have since been referred to as my Cutting Shoes.

Now working on Christine’s wedding dress I am grateful to have them home. (Though I think Mina actually misses work and the bus ride. She was much more active on the days I was there.)

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Last day already

Today is my last day at work in Toronto. Can’t quite believe it is already here.