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Play Doh!

I made Mina some supper easy playdoh.

Mix: 2 part flour, 1 part salt, 1 part water.

No heat needed.

Optional: food colouring and cream of tarter for elasticity. Also jello also adds to the colour, smell (and taste!) but won’t stain like food colouring.

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After seeing crayons on some of the craft blogs lately I decided to make some myself. I used the Handmade by Jill’s post as a starting point but changed my method from hers by the time I was done.

I don’t have a stock of old broken crayons on hand so first off was a trip to the dollar store for supplies. I picked up:
3 boxes of 48 crayons
2 packages of 4 tin serving bowls
1 half dozen muffin tin

I already had some things on hand:
Parchment paper
Disposable chop sticks
1 cookie sheet

Jill used a double boiler but I found that method to be messy and I didn’t like having all that boiling water on the stove with Mina running around. In the end I used my oven.

How I did it:
First sort the crayons into groups by colour and removed the paper
Bend a spout into the tin bowl and placed a group of crayons in it
Placed the bowl of crayons on piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet (the parchment paper is really optional, it just protects the cookie sheet)

Heat the oven to around 250°F (Temperature isn’t exact you just don’t want it too hot.)

Put the cookie sheet into the oven and wait for the crayons to melt. This may take a different amount of time depending on the heat of the oven and the composition of the crayons. They will need to be checked on to see how they are doing. I DO NOT recommend turning up the heat to speed things up, I found they started smelling really crayon-y and suspect that some of the oils and pigments could burn/discolour.

Once the crayon are melted use the chopsticks (or any stick type thing) to stir the melted crayons together making sure all the oils, waxes and pigments are mixed.
Using the bent spout pour the wax into the muffin tin (or any other mould).

Let cool. This can be done in open air or to speed things up in the freezer. Don’t worry about them sticking to the mould they get smaller as the cool and should just pop out.

Alternate Method

This is how we made them when I was a kid. They aren’t fully melted and use crayon chunks so you can have these great crayons made of multiple colours or shades! This is a great method that can involve kids and they can design and make their own crayons.

Put paper cup cake liners in muffin tins and add crayon chunks. Put in oven till mostly melted.

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I have stated making my own teething cookies. So far so good; Mina seem to like them, though her favourite are still Happy Baby Puffs.

I found a website that has a collection of recipies on it,, and I chose the Eggless Baby Cereal Cookies. With only 3 ingredients in equal quantities the simplicity appealed to me.

Eggless Baby Cereal Cookies


1 cup flour
1 cup baby cereal
1 cup juice


Mix ingredients well. Roll out and cut into shapes. Bake for 20-30 min @ 350 deg. F.. Freezes Well

*Dough will be very sticky and seem “wrong” and may be hard to work with. This is as it should be so do not panic. You may wish to add more flour and/or cereal to achieve a more doughy consistency.*

Trina’s Note: I find that rolling the dough between wax paper and chilling it before cutting it with a pizza cutter make it easier to handle. Also, parchment paper works well instead of greasing the cookie sheet.

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Here are a few of Mina’s favorite apps for iPhone and iPad


Melody Dogs – a musical game with little dogs that make different sounds when touched.

Peek-a-boo I see you! – Hide and seek peek-a-boo game.

Old MacDonald – One of our favourite developers, Duck Duck Goose, music app that plays “Old MacDonald had a Farm” with interactive animations.

Baby Rattle Bab Bab – Rattle that has multiple backgrounds

iPhone and iPad

Uncolor – a colouring app where touch removes the top layer to reveal the picture underneath.


Baby Explorer – Activity centre.

Kids Songs HD – Plays songs with interactive animations.

Itsy Bitsy HD – Duck Duck Goose, music app that plays “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” with interactive animations.

Bus HD – Duck Duck Goose, music app that plays “The Wheels on the Bus” with interactive animations.

Sound Toy – Touch music and colour generator.


Baby Bling

OK so it’s no quite bling but it is pretty. It is a amber baby teething necklace.

Mina is teething and we are looking for means to keep her more comfortable other than filling her mouth with teething gel. Mom spotted these at Tiny Tots when she was here and we thought it was worth a try. They don’t chew on it, just wear it and the amber is suppose to naturally help calm the baby. Yesterday I picked one up. The verdict is still out, hard to tell what is fluke and not, but so far Mina has seemed less fussy. We got more sleep last night then we have in awhile and I’m not about to take the necklace off to see it that was why. I’ll just enjoy the extra sleep.

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