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Mina meets Katie

Katie is a doll I just made for Mina. I finished her in the weekend but she only got her face yesterday. This is their first meeting since Katie was fully finished.

Katie was made with a pattern I developed on the computer to sell digital copies of on my store. Katie is the first sample; changes are needed on the pattern and instructions written up yet.

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Helpful girl

Mina helps me feed her cereal.


Mina on Skype

All my interaction with my granddaughter is online these days. I downloaded a demo recording program to capture the cuteness. I have now paid for the demo, but this compilation is watermarked.

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Mina tried orange tonight after intently staring at daddy while he ate some. She liked it even thought she sometimes found it bitter. (and made really cute faces.)


So Mina rolled over. This isn’t the first time, but the first on film.

(Note the large diaper bum; she is back in cloth diapers and they take up a lot more room. I didn’t like the diaper service here, they use pre-fold diapers and I have been spoiled with fitted diapers. I oped to buy fitted diapers in Canada, bring them along and wash them myself. I chose Mother-ease one size diapers. They do make her bum bigger, she needs the next size up in sleepers now to accommodate her longer torso. At least the rest of her cloths fit over them.)

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This is a movie Gary made of a tour of our apartment just after we arrived.

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