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Last Midwife

We had our last midwife appointment yesterday. Mina is six weeks old so our time with them is now over. We will greatly miss our visits.

Mina was re-measured (length and head) but I missed what the new measurements were. She now weights 9lb 14oz and has a nice round belly, (which Nikki loves to see and mommy loves to kiss). We discussed the flu. Mina is too young to get the flu shot, and they advised Gary the use lots of hand sanitizer at work. Over all she still doing great, growing and developing well, she is more aware every day.

Now our records will be send back to my doctor and we see him next. I need to book an appointment with him about vaccinations, the schedule starts at 8 weeks.

We’re going to miss Nikki and Shirley!

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We had our midwife appointment yesterday. It was suppose to be on Tuesday but with all the chaos of the week we forgot. Since Gary is in California, Grandma came along again.

After peeing on Shirley (again) Mina was weighted and is now 8 lb 15 oz. They are still very happy with her progress.

Sadly our next appointment will be our last with them and we will be sent back to the doctors for check-ups. We will miss getting to see them.

We also when to see Dr. Greg (chiropractor) yesterday and Mina had her first “adjustment” which she mostly slept through. (Baby adjustments are nothing like adult adjustments.)

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Learning to use a suck

We had our usual midwife visit this morning. Unfortunately  Gary couldn’t make it since he had to be in Listowel today. Luckily Grandma was able to take us. (I would have walked but that may have resulted in a scolding, or with the way the weather has been, rained on.)

Just like Simon.
She has more then just a resemblance to her dear uncle. At her weigh in (after making quite the mess for Shirley,) she came in at 7lb 11oz. That’s right, she gained a pound in the last week. (Nikki asked if I has cream in there.) The midwives are very happy and impressed. Grandma wasn’t surprised since Simon did the same thing when he was born.

Bottles and Pacifiers
We asked about bottles and pacifiers today. Since she is past her birth weight and definitely  not having a problem eating, they didn’t think there was a problem with her trying them. They did recommend Grandma introduce the bottle as I can’t, and the fuss will likely break Gary’s heart. So it looks like we will be looking at breast pumps and bottles this weekend as well as filling out a registry and picking out something for our nephew West. (His birthday was yesterday! xoxox)

Grandma had already bought Mina a pacifier so when we got home I boiled them and gave it a try. She didn’t know what to make of them at first, but she is slowly figuring it out. Right now it is working best when she is half asleep and fussing.

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Midwives birth board

We had our first appointment with our midwives at the office today. (They have been visiting us at home since Wilhelmina’s birth.)

It went very well. She is up to 6lb 11oz, almost back to her birth weight. She gained 4oz in the last 2 days. (since the last midwife home visit.) Needless to say she is feeding well. They also did a screen for her hearing and it came out fine. Over all they are very happy with her progress.

As Gary puts it, her comedic timing came out at the visit. During a mid-appointment change she pulled the classic baby trick that made us thankful we had a girl.

We have now made a mental note to bring lots of paper towel with us in the change bag.



We had our midwife appointment today. It was nice to see both our regular midwife and our student midwife again.

Everything is progressing well. Mina’s head is getting nice and low (though I could have told you that) and she is getting ready to make her appearance. We booked our home visit for Monday. This  is when we will more thoroughly discuss the birth (what’s going to happen etc.).

With any luck Sandy will be right and we will just skip the home visit and go straight to the home birth.

(Sandy’s predicted due date September 13)



We had a midwife appointment today. Everything is going good. She let us feel where Mina’s head is when she did her exam. It was pretty neat! She is definitely getting low and ready to come out.

My regular/first midwife is back from vacation next week so we will be able to book our first home visit. (We saw our second midwife today. We have 2.) We also received our home birth kit today so we are pretty much as ready to go as we can be.