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The Bilmore

This is Gary’s last week at home. We fly on Saturday.

Apple travel has booked our flights early on December 12th, out of Pearson flying direct to San Francisco. We will land at approximately 9:50 AM (Pacific Time). Mina will have her own seat so we can bring the car-seat on the plane meaning we wont need to rent one when we get there. We will likely check her stroller. We almost flew out of Ottawa by accident but luckily the mistake was caught quickly and fixed. (It would have had 1 stop over on top of a very long commute to the airport.)

(We’re having a relative house-sit and take care of our cat Sebastian, so don’t worry about him. – Gary)

We will return Christmas Eve, flying out of San Francisco at 7:15 AM (Pacific Time) and landing at Pearson at 3:00 PM. Gary will return to California on the 27th and I will stay here to finish packing.

We also have our first month of accommodation confirmed. We will be staying in an apartment rather then a hotel; in fact one of the properties we were looking at for January, The Biltmore. We will be staying in the Clarion, but we are interested in the Drake or Crowne.

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Gary has received his Apple employee login so that he can begin his orientation. His holidays for Christmas are:

• Christmas Eve: Thursday, December 24
• Christmas Day: Friday, December 25
• Winter Holiday Shutdown: Monday–Thursday, December 28-31

He also gets New Years Day but we are still not sure when exactly he will be home.

Pass Ports
We submited our application for Mina and my pass port, as a rush we expect it December 3rd.

The photographer taking our photos sure earned his money doing Mina’s. Trying to get a front on shot of her face with her eyes open and showing both ears was not an easy task.

We are still anxiously waiting for Gary’s visa. Hope it comes soon! (It better or he can’t work!)

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