Mina’s First Bath

Mina had her first bath yesterday without mommy and in her own tub.

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Cloth diapers

Bummis Whisper Wrap

Mina spent her first night in cloth diaper without incident. She didn’t even seem to notice the difference.

We were a little worried that they would result in more frequent changes since unlike like disposables, cloth diapers feel wet when wet. (No “lock away” core.) Luckily for us, she doesn’t seem to mind. So far the biggest adjustment with them has been for us (primarily Gary). These diapers do up with snaps instead of velcro and are all slightly different in size, so the fit is less adjustable and predictable. I think we’ll be able to get used to that.

Now just to call the diaper service and let them know they can start sending more diapers.

Edit: No need to call just yet, the diaper covers are irritating her navel so we’re keeping her in the disposables till it’s completely healed.


Midwives birth board

We had our first appointment with our midwives at the office today. (They have been visiting us at home since Wilhelmina’s birth.)

It went very well. She is up to 6lb 11oz, almost back to her birth weight. She gained 4oz in the last 2 days. (since the last midwife home visit.) Needless to say she is feeding well. They also did a screen for her hearing and it came out fine. Over all they are very happy with her progress.

As Gary puts it, her comedic timing came out at the visit. During a mid-appointment change she pulled the classic baby trick that made us thankful we had a girl.

We have now made a mental note to bring lots of paper towel with us in the change bag.



A Stats page has been added. Let us know if we’re missing anything.


Getting fed is Mina’s #1 interest right now and when she’s hungry nothing else can distract her. But somehow she still manages to put on her most serene face for visitors.

Here’s some more photos from the last day or so.

Aunt Trish made a quick visit and brought a beautiful flower arrangement to brighten our space. The choice of flower colors are perfect and the piece is arranged in a delicate little black dish from Great-Grandma’s china cabinet.

We also had visits from our good friends Eric and Mandy Cator and their 3 month old son Thomas, who live in Toronto. Seeing how alert and grown up Thomas is now reminds us to cherish this time when Mina is so tiny and also the good stuff that we have to look forward to.

Eric gave us one of his posters (framed too, no less) that feature fantastic made-up creatures for each letter of the alphabet which he drew himself in the days just after Thomas was born.

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Twittering Mina’s Birth

Twitter is a social network based on the idea of “micro blogging”, or making very short entries or “status updates” in an on-line diary. On our big day I made a few “tweets” about what was going on and I’ve posted a screenshot below.

Twitter feeds are displayed with the most recent tweets at the top and the oldest tweets at the bottom. So read it from the bottom up if you’d like to get a feel for the progression of events.

From Sept. 15th:

Tweeting Mina's Birth

Tweeting Mina's Birth

A Visit with Great Grandma

Trina, Mina, & Great-Grandma Trina shows her baby Great Grandma & Baby 4 generations Sweet baby Women Mina

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Birthday Gallery

There are only a few photos from yesterday. I apologize for the size but I’ve been a little preoccupied.


She’s Here!

Wilhelmina Burkard Gehiere was born this afternoon at 4:09PM. She cried as soon as she was born. Mom and baby are doing well and I think Trina has already forgotten the labor. More updates soon, we’re just chilling out with our new most favorite girl ever and eating popsicles.

I think this photo is decent, everyone’s covered up.



Up-To-The-Minute News

Trina started having very mild contractions last night around midnight and this is still happening. This could be just her body practicing and it will stop or it could become latent labor. I’ll try to post any developments here but everyone is welcome to check my Twitter feed for the latest news.


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