Jolly Jumper


Mina is learning how to use her Jolly Jumper. Sometimes she can make it bounce but mostly at this point she forgets how she did it. It does tiers her out and she just wants to nap after so something to keep in mind for when she doesn’t want to sleep.

(New photos up on the Cute Baby! page)

Must stay flexible…

Gary just got an update on his visa. It was submitted on the 20th so we’ll know on December 7th whether it was approved. Needless to say his start date has now moved. His new start date is December 14th. When I go down is now up in the air as it will be so close to Christmas. We are thinking we’ll wait and talk to the relocation people before we decide when I go.

Though you never know, the date could change again.

Gary has received his Apple employee login so that he can begin his orientation. His holidays for Christmas are:

• Christmas Eve: Thursday, December 24
• Christmas Day: Friday, December 25
• Winter Holiday Shutdown: Monday–Thursday, December 28-31

He also gets New Years Day but we are still not sure when exactly he will be home.

Pass Ports
We submited our application for Mina and my pass port, as a rush we expect it December 3rd.

The photographer taking our photos sure earned his money doing Mina’s. Trying to get a front on shot of her face with her eyes open and showing both ears was not an easy task.

We are still anxiously waiting for Gary’s visa. Hope it comes soon! (It better or he can’t work!)

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The poor little girl had her immunization shots today. There were a tears but they subsided once she got a soother in her mouth. She just needs one more next week to bring her inline with California’s schedule.

New Length: 55 cm (21.65″)
New Weight: 5.17 Kilo (11.4lb)


The Offer

We’re moving! To California! By the end of January!!!

Just before Mina was born Gary was contacted by a recruiter from Apple. This has happened before but nothing ever came of it due to visa issues. This time however was different. This time they have a workaround to the visa issue by sending him to Vancouver tow work for a year then doing an inter-company transfer to California. So on the day Mina was born Gary had a phone call with the man who would be his boss.

Many calls and emails ensued, samples of his work sent over, ’til Thanksgiving weekend when we found out they wanted to fly him out for an interview. In a whirlwind of a trip Gary flew out for 2 days of interviewing and 2 days of traveling.

Needless to say it went well.

Once he returned Apple had him work on a sample project to see how he would work from a distance. (The team he would work with would still be in California even if he was in Vancouver.)

Needless to say that also went well.

Next Apples lawyers got involved and found that they may actually be able to get Gary his visa. After hunting down or getting new copies of and scanning every form about ones life imaginable and getting letters of reference from his employers the lawyers seemed satisfied that the US government would grant the visa. (The visa hasn’t been approved yet. – Gary)

So an offer was made and we are off the Cupertino California. (Not permanently.)

Gary starts work on December 7th and we will all go down, I’ll stay for about 2 weeks to help find housing etc. before returning home. I will be finishing the the arrangements here before flying out mid January.

I am so proud of Gary for landing his dream job and having the courage to take it. (Even if it isn’t easy.)

There are plenty of other details but I’ll post about them later.

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Don’t forget to check the Cute Baby page for photo only updates.

Last Midwife

We had our last midwife appointment yesterday. Mina is six weeks old so our time with them is now over. We will greatly miss our visits.

Mina was re-measured (length and head) but I missed what the new measurements were. She now weights 9lb 14oz and has a nice round belly, (which Nikki loves to see and mommy loves to kiss). We discussed the flu. Mina is too young to get the flu shot, and they advised Gary the use lots of hand sanitizer at work. Over all she still doing great, growing and developing well, she is more aware every day.

Now our records will be send back to my doctor and we see him next. I need to book an appointment with him about vaccinations, the schedule starts at 8 weeks.

We’re going to miss Nikki and Shirley!

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Out and About

Mina has been very mobile the last few days, (ok, maybe it’s just me.)

Grandma had been talking to me about a potential Toronto fabric shopping trip either this past Monday or next. I had mentioned that the former would be better since we would be in the city this coming Sunday for Mina’s open house and would preffer not to have two trips in back to back. Grandma said she’d think about it and let me know.

In true grandma fashion, on Monday morning shortly after we got up there was a knock on the door. There was grandma. When asked what was up she replied “aren’t we going to Toronto today?” She entertained Mina while I got us ready. (dressed, diapers etc.)

Once in the city we first stopped by Price Roman and saw Tess, Derek and Nicole. Mina quite liked the studio and all the bright fabrics. Mommy just liked getting to be back in the studio again. From there we to the fabric stores. Everyone at the fabric stores where happy to meet Mina since they had last seen me pregnant. Before leaving town we had dinner at the Queen Mum, (I had the special and not the Ping Gai amazingly). The drive back was surprisingly good considering it was still rush hour. Mina even took a bottle from me on the way home.

Over all Mina did extremely well. She mostly slept, but woke up to show everyone at Price Roman her eyes and wasn’t particularly fussy.

Yesterday we took a nice long walk to meet Gary at work. It was only the second time I have been out with her alone. (The first being the walk home from the car when it died. The car is fine now.) We took the Iron Horse Trail downtown and got lucky when crossing Victoria street. Usually it is awful trying to cross Victoria at Patricia, even though there is a cross walk, no one stops. It seems unless the crossing-guard it out the lines on the road don’t matter. Thankfully the crossing-guard was out and we made it across without a problem.

Mina slept the whole way there, while meeting Gary for ice cream and proud daddy showing her off to his co-workers.

We took a walk to the grocery store. It came as no surprise that she fell asleep and sleep the whole trip. Now is nap time and I’m taking the opportunity to get things done. (clean my studio maybe?)


Mina and the Monster

Mina went to her fist derby match out of the womb last night and had her picture taken by Nick with the Monster.

The Tri-City Roller Girls had there last home game of the season (Roller Horror Derby Show) in New Hamburg. Since our car died yesterday Nick kindly drove us. We now know that our car seat will fit in a PT Cruiser, but just barely, so hopefuly that means it would fit in Grandma’s Bug. The Venus Fly Tramps lost to the Vicious Dishes, boo.

Lets see her kick these off


I’m sure she’ll figure out a way.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, these socks are made from a old pair of mine. The top band was gone and the feet were going but the leg was just fine. I made another pair out of and old pair of opaque tights that were in the same state. Below are the instructions on how to make them.


or download the instructions as a pdf.

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