Helpful girl

Mina helps me feed her cereal.


Quicky update

We have been keeping ourselves quite busy lately. Grandma came to visit for my birthday, details of her visit can be found on her California blog.
We started taking mommy and baby yoga at Harmony Birth Centre. We go once a week and have met some other moms and babies from the area.
Mina has started eating soild food. Her favorite is mango. So much so that there were tears when the spoon with mango in it wasn’t in her mouth when I was feeding her this afternoon. Banana, pickels and cereal made with breast milk are also good but don’t receve the reaction that mango does.

Sebastian is very tolerant; Gary thinks he is just training her.

Mina on Skype

All my interaction with my granddaughter is online these days. I downloaded a demo recording program to capture the cuteness. I have now paid for the demo, but this compilation is watermarked.

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Something is Working

Something is definetly working. Mina has slept far better then she has in a while. She has been wakeing up 2-3 times insead of giving-up-keeping-count-how-many times. She also doesn’t seem to need the help of the teething tablets as much either, which is also nice.


Baby Bling

OK so it’s no quite bling but it is pretty. It is a amber baby teething necklace.

Mina is teething and we are looking for means to keep her more comfortable other than filling her mouth with teething gel. Mom spotted these at Tiny Tots when she was here and we thought it was worth a try. They don’t chew on it, just wear it and the amber is suppose to naturally help calm the baby. Yesterday I picked one up.┬áThe verdict is still out, hard to tell what is fluke and not, but so far Mina has seemed less fussy. We got more sleep last night then we have in awhile and I’m not about to take the necklace off to see it that was why. I’ll just enjoy the extra sleep.

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Mina tried orange tonight after intently staring at daddy while he ate some. She liked it even thought she sometimes found it bitter. (and made really cute faces.)


Happy baby! I think she likes the toy you got her Auntie Chrissy and Uncle Simon.


Stats page has been updated, including “firsts” added

So Mina rolled over. This isn’t the first time, but the first on film.

(Note the large diaper bum; she is back in cloth diapers and they take up a lot more room. I didn’t like the diaper service here, they use pre-fold diapers and I have been spoiled with fitted diapers. I oped to buy fitted diapers in Canada, bring them along and wash them myself. I chose Mother-ease one size diapers. They do make her bum bigger, she needs the next size up in sleepers now to accommodate her longer torso. At least the rest of her cloths fit over them.)

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