Oh Canada!

On June 8th Mina and I few home home for a week long visit. Gary had to work so wasn’t able to come.

June 8th: Gary dropped us off at SFO to catch our 8 am flight to Toronto. It was my first time flying by myself with Mina and was a little nervous about trying to navigate the airport with her and our stuff on my own. I needn’t have worried as all the staff we friendly and helpful. Some one at security helped us through and the flight attendants helped me track down the stroller when it was accidentally put in baggage. One of them even offered to help me get to baggage since I was carrying Mina, diaper bag and carry on. I declined. Mina must be getting used to flying as she didn’t fuss much on the flight (no tears).

Grandma picked us up and we headed into Kitchener.

First stop was grandma’s where we dropped off the suitcases and said hello to great-grandma. Next we met Simon and Christine for dinner. Although a little unsure at first (hands behind the ears) it didn’t take long for Mina to be content sitting between grandma and Christine eating Christine’s keys.

June 9th: Woke up surprisingly early which was good since it let us catch an earlier bus into Toronto. Mina slept the whole way in and we arrived around noon. First stop was Price Roman to say hi and then downstairs to Second Cup for coffee and met Mandy and Thomas. After we hit up China town for paper umbrellas (very handy here in the sun) and Queen West for fabric. (My closest fashion district is apparently LA, 6 hrs away.) That evening we had dinner with Julie and Thanh at Everest. The staff were great as well as the food. At the end of the evening Thanh kindly walked us to Mandy and Eric’s for the night.

June 10th: After letting Mina and Thomas play Mandy and I took the babies out for breakfast at Sunrise Grill and Crepe. After a trip to the toy store we headed to the park where the kids played on the riding toys. A few more errands and we headed home for a bit before I needed to go back to Queen West to see Tess, Derek and Nicole (and even Marta) at Price Roman before catching the bus home. Mina was pretty tired but held up remarkably well. She slept most of the way home and was very happy to get back to grandma’s.

June 11th: What a busy day! The morning started off with chiropractor appointments then Mom-to-Mom and lunch with Misha at the Working Centre. After lunch we visited grandma at work till Auntie Chrissy picked us up and took us to Dreampower for some cute overload. That evening we joined Grandma, Great Grandma, Myron, Simon and Christine for dinner. After dinner we put Mina to bed and I took the opportunity to go out! Nick picked me up for and evening of bar hopping. We visited Jane Bond, The Huether and Ethel’s. We chatted over drinks and overall had a really nice night. Bed time was welcome when it came!

June 12th: A thankfully quite morning. After lunch we visited Jess and Jay at the house. The neat thing was that Mina was a little fussy on the way over but as soon as we walked in the front door she was all smiles and wanted down to play on the floor. It was like she knew she was home. Mina had her best nap of the trip there. All to soon grandma arrived to take us to the Gingerich gathering. Not everyone could make it but it was really good to see those that could.

June 13th: After West had a mishap with hot chocolate we were able to meet Nana, Auntie Robyn and cousin West for breakfast at Cora’s. After breakfast we went to the Highland Hills Mall to pick up some things from Joe Fresh, then poke around Toys R Us and Fairview Park Mall before having to say good bye. That evening Simon and Christine played host to the Burkards. Almost everyone made it!

June 14th: After such a busy week this was the only day we didn’t have any plans for. Happily nothing urgent came up so we were able to have a nice relaxing day in. Mom and I took the time to pleat some fabric for smocking that I could take back with me and otherwise we packed and prepared for the flight home the next day.

June 15th: Grandma drove us to the Pearson to catch our fight back to California. I must say, people are nice. If it wasn’t airport staff giving me a hand (like at SFO) it was other travellers (mostly at Pearson). This was a wonderful trend over all for the trip, people being kind and giving me  hand when I needed it. The Air Canada flight attendants on the way home where especially nice and gave Mina a blanket and pillow even though we weren’t in first class. Gary was met at the airport with big smiles from his little girl who was more then happy to be done traveling.

Over all the trip went wonderfully! Mina was a real trooper, and handled all the new faces and places with more grace then I could have hoped for. It did help she gave us warning signs, hands up behind her ears meant she wasn’t sure about something. Best to give her some space to avoid tears.

If you want to see pictures and video check my MobileMe Gallery. Grandma has the photos from the Gingerichs and Burkards.


It took me a bit but I finally around to updating.

Our little baby is fast turning into a toddler. Crawling, attempts to walk, talking and exploring/getting into everything is the norm. Mina is changing every day and learning new thing all the time. I’ll list out some of our recent highlights.

Trips: Most notably Mina and I flew home for a visit in June for a week. We would have stayed longer by since Gary couldn’t join us we didn’t want to be away from daddy too long. A week was about as ling as Mina could handle. More on our trip in another post.
We also joined Gary and his team for an “off-site”, spent in Santa Cruz. While Gary minded Mina I had the opportunity to take surf lessons with some of Gary’s coworkers. It was amazing!!! I definitely want to go surfing again. It was nice to met the people Gary works with.

Crawling: Mina started to properly crawl just before we left for Canada and can’t be stopped. She has always been a go-baby and now that she can go on her own she is loving it. She is also pulling herself up to standing at every opportunity and tries to walk whenever she can. Needless to say this means she is getting into everything.

Talking: Mina going to be a talker (if there was ever any doubt with the family she comes from). She is already speaking two languages besides English. She speaks Persian; baba, meaning baby food and German; nein, meaning no. Remarkably she typically uses the words correctly. Mina also says mama and dada.

Swimming: We are lucky enough to have a nice pool in our complex so Mina and I have been taking advantage of that since it has gotten warm (and apparently will get hotter yet). Mina likes to swim!

Colds: After returning from Canada Mina caught her first cold (as did I). Thankfully she got over it pretty fast and is felling better now.

Yoga: Sadly we had our last Mom and Baby Yoga class just before Memorial Day. Now that Mina is crawling we will be going to the Mama and Movers Playgroup instead. We just need to wait for the next session to start.

Dancing: Mina loves to dance and music in general. She has started to really enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba! especially DJ Lance Rock. She also likes her toy piano and playing guitar with daddy.

That’s enough for now. More posts to come.

Lot of new pictures in the Cute Baby Gallery

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A 26lb update

Mina is sitting by herself with out support now. She is enjoying being able to look around her better. She really likes people/baby watching at the park and yoga.

She isn’t crawling forward yet but is can go backwards when she wants to. She can definitely get around when she trys. She no longer stays where I put her when I set her down. She is wanting to get into everything. She is gearing up for being quite the little terror when she get how to go forward.

New Activities
We picked out some new toys for her, a big ball, some little balls and a piano. They are quickly becoming favourites. We also picked out a floating ring with a canopy and built in seat for use in the pool. Yes, we have been in the outdoor pool already (mom’s got the sunburn to prove it.) The was water a little chilly but Mina didn’t seem mind. We have also had our first play time in Campbell Park and Mina has hit the swings a few times now. We are looking at getting a PeaPod to use in the park, at the pool, generaly when we are out and about as well as when we come home for a visit. It will be nice to have a portable safe place for her to sleep/play.

Mina had her first visit to the paediatrician today (family doctors won’t typicaly see small children here.)
She is developing well, she is right where she should be. She has grown to 27″ tall. When the nurse first weighted her she was 26lb 6oz(?!)
I asked her if she was sure and she was, I asked her if it was normal for a child to gain 10lbs in 3 months she told me “that was a question for the doctor”. The doctor on the other hand told me if she weighed that much (at her hight) she’d have a big round body with a itty bitty head on top. He had her re-weighed. (16lbs 8oz)
The doctor is really nice with a great sense of humour and is easy going. Mina liked his toy covered stethoscope.

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Mina meets Katie

Katie is a doll I just made for Mina. I finished her in the weekend but she only got her face yesterday. This is their first meeting since Katie was fully finished.

Katie was made with a pattern I developed on the computer to sell digital copies of on my etsy.com store. Katie is the first sample; changes are needed on the pattern and instructions written up yet.

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Sippy cup

Mina is learning to use her sippy cup. She has used it a few times now and is getting the hang of holding it and tilting it to get the juice to the right end. She is also figuring out how to suck on it since this cup has a flow regulator in it. (Nice ’cause it doesn’t leak when she turns it upside down.)

Our visit to Starbucks are more interesting for her now that she can have mango juice.

She has been eating solid food for a little while and is ready for stage 2, thicker food. (Still wanting/getting plenty of breast milk.)

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Mina is now using the full sized stroller. She still fits in her car seat but is much happier in the big seat. She especially likes when she can put her feet up on the bar and stick her toes in the air. This stroller also provides better shade which is good since it can get very sunny here. I also appreciate being able to strap her toys to the stroller so she can’t trow them away. This is also good practice for when we fly to Ontario in June; we’ll be using an umbrella stroller instead of trying to bring this one along.

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What happens when Mommy gives the little girl a crayon?

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New Photos

New photos are up in Cute Baby! gallery.

Family Newsletter

Gary finished the family newsletter and it is available for download here:
March 2010 Family Newsletter


But no peas, please

This is what happens when her Mom tries to feed the little girl peas:


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