Full Name: Wilhelmina Marie Burkard Gehiere

Birthdate: September 15, 2009 at 4:09 p.m.

Weight: 6lb 14oz

Length: 21″

Length of Labour: 2hr 35min (not including latent labour)

Birth Location: At home with our midwives – 74 Talbot Street, Kitchener ON

As of October 29/09

Length: 55 cm (21.65″)

Weight: 9lb 13.5oz

As of November 19/09

Length: 55 cm (21.65″)

Weight: 5.17 Kilo (11.4lbs)

As of November 26/09

Length: 55 cm (21.65″)

Weight: 5.77 Kilo (12.72lbs)

As of January 12/10

Length: 61 cm (24″)

Weight: 6.27 Kilo (13lbs 13oz)

As of April 28/10

Length: 27″

Weight: 16lbs 8oz

As of December 1/10

Length: 31.5″

Weight: 20lbs 3oz


As of February 3/11

Length: 32.5″

Weight: 21lbs 12oz


As of March 11/11

Length: 33″

Weight: 22lbs 3oz


First Laugh: December 5/09 (at Thomas Cator in his jolly jumper)

First Smile: In the womb! (Check the 3D Ultrasound pictures)

First Time Rolling Over: January 29/10

First Bottle: October 5/09

First Bath (in her own tub): September 27/09

First Time Sleeping Through The Night: November 23/09

First Solid Food: January 13/10 (Melon at Person Airport while waiting for our  flight.)

First Time Sitting Unsupported: April 18/10

First Time Crawling (Backward): April 18/10

First Time Crawling (properly forward): June 6/10

First Persian Word: Baba (baby food)

First German Word: Nein (no)

First Tooth: August 11/10

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    Nov. 23rd must have been heaven on earth. 🙂