Quickie update – Mina’s Shovel

Mina had a new toy. I think right now it is by far her favourite toy. It’s a shovel.

After our stroller work out and trip to Starbucks my friend Heidi and I took the kids (Mina and her BFF Jordan) to the Toy store so Heidi could get some crayons for Jordan. We let the kids lose while we looked and Mina instantly went to the gardening tools (no farmer in her at all). After checking out the tall spade and rake she grabbed a trowel and joined Jordan at the Thomas the train table. She set the trowel down for a few moments so I attempted to put it back thinking she was done with it but I was very wrong. We had tears and it was going to be a very big fight for her to part with it; at $4 it wasn’t worth it. Mina got her trowel.

That after noon and evening she rarely put it down. Here is my Twitters from this evening.

– Poor Mina doesn’t understand why she can’t eat her dinner with her shovel.

– Tears have ended, hunger won out and a compromise reached. The shovels stays beside her but she eats with a spoon.http://twitpic.com/4dax4m

– Her shovel need to ride in the stroller too. (I suspect she is sleeping with it tonight.) http://twitpic.com/4dc0kh

– Eventhough Mina was mostly asleep she still cried when she let go of her shovel. I would let her sleep with it if it wasn’t made of metal.

-- Download Quickie update - Mina's Shovel as PDF --