Real Thanksgiving

All three of us returned home for Canadian (real) Thanksgiving. (Sorry to our American friends but for us it true.) Gary stayed for 1 week while I stayed for a second week. We managed to fit in lots of fun and family the first week and more relaxed fun and family the second. Here is a quick update on our trip and here are pictures.

Week 1
On the friday after we landed Gary and I did lots of running around. In the morning Mina and I went to Mom-to-Mom while Gary visited his old co-workers at The Record. That afternoon we fit in a hair appointment with Julie; Mina even had her bangs trimmed! That evening Mina stayed with Grandma while Gary and I went out to dinner with friends.

Saturday morning Mina stayed with Grandma once again while our friend Chris took Gary and I flying. Wow, what a way to see the fall colours! That evening we had Thanksgiving dinner with the Burkards.

On Sunday we head brunch with Gary’s family before going to their house for a few days. While where there we had Nana, Papa, Robyn and West watch Mina while Gary and I went out for dinner alone for the first time since last November. We had a wonderful but too short visit.

On Tuesday we managed to slip a quick trip to Toronto in before Gary had to fly back the next day.

Week 2
The second week I took pretty easy. I tried to not make too many plans so not to be running all the time. Mina and I returned to Toronto (with Kirstin), when to a Tri-City Roller Girls match and generally visited with friends and family before flying out.

While visiting Scholars Choice Mina found a new friend.  She picked her off the shelf and carried her around the store with her and didn’t want to let her go. So far Mina calls her new dolly “Gee” much like everything else that she likes and carries her around by her hair (poor thing). I made a strap to hold Mr. Monkey in the stroller before we left and a second better one while at Mom’s and thank goodness I did! I need both on the trip home. One for Mr. Monkey and one for “Gee”.

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