Not so baby anymore.

The wee girl is getting big on us. She is not so much a baby anymore as she is a toddler.

Teeth: Mina’s first tooth started coming through finally on August 11. She liked to chew before but now she really likes to chew, well more like bit. That little tooth of hers is mighty sharp especially when she is trying it out on your hand.

Walking: Crawling is not longer good enough, Mina much prefers to walk (with help). Be it holding mommy or daddy’s hand, holding on to furniture or pushing something it is the best way to travel.

Discoveries: Mina is learning something new everyday, for better or worse. She has figured out that she can put objects back into containers but also has nearly figured out how to flush the toilet. She is waving “hello” and “good bye” and pulling everything out of the cupboards. Now that she can close doors we have to keep an eye on Sebastien’s bathroom (the one with his litter box in it) as she likes to shut that door effectively kicking the poor cat out. It is fun watching what she will do next.

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